Special Materials
Special materials Special materials Special materials Special materials

As technology advances, the traditional barcode labels have grown far beyond being just a square piece of plain label. What we are seeing on a daily basis is a large variety of different label materials. The label now comes in different thickness, elasticity, toughness and mix compound coatings. It is crucial to find the best solution to maximize printing quality in various applications.

GoDEX provides a complete series of barcode printers that could be accompanied with different accessories such as cutters, label peelers, and applicators. Most kinds of materials from banners, small components labeling, name plates, plastic tubes, plastic cards, cable labeling and even RFID tags could be printed through a GoDEX printer. With GoDEX specialized and professional support team, we can meet your printing needs with a suitable solution.

In addition, GoDEX has an outstanding mechanical, electronic, firmware and software team that has experiences and passion in pursuing innovation and excellence. Along with our stellar R&D team, all GoDEX products are designed to give users the best experience and flexibility. GoDEX makes barcodes easy.

Suggested Products 

    • EZ6000Plus
      When you want to “go big” look to the EZ6200Plus/EZ6300Plus for 6 inch wide label printing. Perfect for AIAG labels, corner wrap labels, and drum labels.
    • RT200i
      The RT200i/RT230i barcode printer is packed with performance enhancing features that makes it the most powerful 2” thermal transfer printer.
    • EZPi1200
      High performance desktop thermal transfer printers includes an LCD display, Ethernet, and PS2 as standard features. It enables exceptional functionality in desktop printing, especially for “standalone” applications.